The client is a Kambo practitioner in Liverpool, England who has also created a well-being space for other practitioners to hire.


The client was looking for a simple Landing Page Plus for The Holding Space Liverpool that would feature her main service, Kambo, and also advertise the space she has created for other practitioners who are interested in hiring the space for their own work.  She was also seeking a simple text + icon logo.

Since the client’s business is new, she wanted to start out on a package that was small but also scalable, so that the website could be expanded as her business grew.


The challenge faced in the design was to find a simple, clean way to utilise her preference of dark green while keeping the site light and not overpowering.

Colours & Typography


Final Result

We created a simple Landing Page Plus that featured the client’s main service, Kambo, and also provided a list of the other kinds of services that would be welcome to hire space in the The Holding Space Liverpool.

We used the client’s dark green preference along with a gold that the client favoured and brought in colourful imagery to round out the design.

The logo features a Native American headdress, as Kambo is based on Native American technique and this is the main service of The Holding Space Liverpool.

Graphics & Other Elements