Private Technology Company




An international security specialist based in the UK and Mauritius.


In a Star Mountain first, we were asked to build a site that was desktop only, without SEO and promoted and known only to current customers of the service. The site would need to be built in two languages (French and English) and users would be able to switch easily between the two on the top of every page.


The challenge was to create a clear and easy-to-navigate site that could be accessed in both French and English, as the business existed in more than one nation.

Colours & Typography

DIN17-EF Regular

Final Result

We were able to create a site that split into two different versions: a French version, that changed its navigation to French upon selection, and the default English version.  The site was simple and desktop-only, as requested. The site contained no meta descriptions or anything that could be indexed by search engines, as required.