Osprey Companies LLC are a private equity and commercial real estate investment firm based in Florida and Texas, USA.


Osprey Companies approached us for a site redesign. The aim was to create a website that would showcase all the aspects of their investment and commercial real estate company.

They wanted a look that honoured the mighty Osprey to which their company is named after, as well as a nautical look and feel to capture the essence of their Florida and Texas-based company.


After not being able to achieve the look they wanted with another web design company, we were conscious of the challenges ahead to create the style. We needed to create a site that was clear and easy-to-read; one to captivate their customers who range in age and digital proficiency and to showcase their portfolio. We also needed to find a way to display all of their written content so that pages would not be text-heavy.

Colours & Typography


Final Result

This is the final result of the website.

We broke down heavy content into multiple pages making it easier for investors to find what they were looking for. We used increased padding around sections which creates space between content making the pages feel lighter.

We also honoured the nautical look by using appropriate blues and teals, sparingly. We focused on scenic imagery to capture the essence of the company.

In addition, we have created templates for Power Point presentations and flyers that are styled in the same way as the site.