A board-certified advanced psychiatric-mental health nurse, with a license to prescribe medicinal marijuana.


This site was designed and built for a nurse practitioner in New York who has recently gained certification to prescribe medicinal marijuana. The purpose of the site is to inform potential patients of who is eligible to receive medicinal marijuana in New York State, the different types and uses of cannabis, biographical information of the nurse, and frequently asked questions and resources. Due to the sensitive nature of the site, there is a login system for patients and practitioner to view their registered and medical information without it being in a public forum.


The website required a secure registration system where potential and current patients could register and have a profile system. The look of the website was needed to be clean and calming.

Colours & Typography


Final Result

We were able to create a website that had a fully functioning registration form and profile system that patients as well as our client could log into and monitor changes to contact information or health. The site also as able to provide information about the experience of the client and the process of obtaining medical marijuana in New York State.