Client is an entertainment and intellectual property lawyer, who also is actively involved in with new media and technology.


This was a redesign and build of a website that was previously built with a commercial site builder several years prior.  The client is an attorney based in New York who specialises in intellectual property and entertainment law, with a focus in emerging technology and virtual reality.

The client wanted a redesign that was fresh and clean-looking going forward, with information that was easy-to-find and user friendly for audiences across a digital proficiency spectrum. This would mean changing the branding in terms of colours, and also refreshing the logo to be more modern-looking that the one the client had previously.


The challenge was designing a site that brought together two opposing styles- the more serious and professional look of law while also giving a nod to the fun and adventurous vibe of the entertainment and technology industry that the client is actively involved in.

Colours & Typography

Open Sans Regular
Lato Regular

Final Result

The final product merged the fresh aspects of tech with the traditional aspects of law, while showcasing the client’s expertise and education throughout.  The WordPress website features a styled blog as well as a contact form for easy communication with the client. The informational aspects of the blog are categorised and easy-to-locate.

Graphics & Other Elements