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Why the Kickstart Package?

The Kickstart Website Package is an affordable, small website that is perfect for new small businesses, as well as established businesses that have a social media presence but would like a website in addition to their social media.

Social media has undoubtedly changed the ways potential customers find your business. But in many cases, social media isn’t enough – while many people use social media, even in the 18-29 age bracket, its usage only stands at 84%.

Unless your business’s social media goes viral or you pay for your business’s posts to be sponsored, and thus brought to the forefront of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you are ultimately relying on word of mouth, hashtags and hope!

To read more about the benefits of having a website in addition to your social media presence, please see our article: websites/.

How does the Kickstart Package work?

The Kickstart Package is a website with several customisation options. It’s a 2 page website that has the look of 3 pages. The Contact link in the navigation takes you to the Contact section of the 2nd page of the website.

To keep this package affordable, we pre-determine the layout. But colours, fonts and branding are your choice – we’ll work together with you to form a design style tile that fits your industry and preference! You also have choices in what sections you require for your website. You can choose what will work best for your business’s needs.

These options are:

– Instagram embed
– Testimonials
– Services
– Photo Gallery
– Services + Price List

Let’s look at some examples:

Kickstart - Star Mountain Design

In the contractor example above, the 2nd part of the homepage uses a photo gallery plugin.

This is perfect for businesses that require a more visual display but do not have Instagram. If you choose this option, we will show you how to keep the photo gallery updated after the build.

In the example above, the 2nd section of the homepage is used for a services and price listing, as a cleaning company would likely need to have this information visible.

Additional examples and more information:

Please see PDF here for more in-depth information and some additional mockups we have created in different industries to get a taste of what we have to offer.

We cover a wide range of industries, and the examples given are just a snapshot of some popular ones – they are not a complete list by any means! Please let us know if we can assist your business, regardless of category.

All of the details of the Kickstart package:

The cost of this website in January 2024 will start at £470, which is the total cost of all the examples you see here.

Included in this package:

– Logo (simple text + icon) if required
– SEO plugin set up
– Mobile optimisation
– Social media preview cards
– Contact form
– Editable fields
– Instructions on how to update text / images from the backend (including photo gallery, if needed)
– Basic website security setup with Wordfence
– All social media links required (you can have more than the two examples we showed)

Not included in this package:

– Website domain
– Website hosting (which can be as low as £3/month)

If you are interested in this package, please contact us via the button below or on +44 7366461853