A New York City-based digital marketing and copywriting consultant.


This website was for a marketing consultant and copywriter based in New York City, who recently started her own business. The client needed a quick, efficient and affordable website to advertise her services.

The client wanted to display her previous work with a dynamic portfolio and to feature a blog where she could demonstrate her wide array of knowledge spanning many different areas in this industry.


The client wanted as few pages as possible and ideally a one-page website. We needed to fit all the most important content on the one page and to still try find balance within the design so that the webpage wasn’t too text- heavy.

Colours & Typography


Final Result

We overcame these challenges by breaking the content down into sections within a parallax-style layout. The layout allows users to easily navigate to the content they want to find.

Additionally, we were very conscious about making the most important information (such as the services) stand out as there was a risk it could become lost in a long one-page website. Therefore, we styled the services into boxes and added graphics so that they stood out against the other pieces of text.

The blog and portfolio have their own pages on this WordPress website, but we created a section that would feature a few projects from the portfolio on the main page.

Graphics & Other Elements