St. Augustine Counseling is a new therapy practice based in St. Augustine, Florida, United States.


The client was seeking a new counseling website for her Florida-based mental health practice that would feature her mission, values, therapy services and therapy groups.  In addition, she planned to maintain a blog down the line, so she wanted the structure built in for sharing articles she writes.


The client desired a website that had a light, “funky” vibe to it, to differentiate it from other mental health practice websites that have more a sterile and basic feel to them. The challenge was in finding the right balance with a fun look that also still was professional for her industry.

Colours & Typography

Baloo 2
Cedarville Cursive

Final Result

We were able to create a WordPress website with a soft, friendly feel using warm colours that also fit in with a Floridian vibe.  We created a backend system for the group therapy section where the client can easily edit the groups and its details herself, as well as link to a separate contact form for the groups only where potential clients can express interest.  We included a display of the client’s professional Instagram account, which she updates frequently and provides colour and quotes to her front page. The website features a blog that the client will be able to easily maintain on her own.

Graphics & Other Elements