Script To Animation is an online service that provides explainer videos for businesses to help engage and convert website views into sales.


The client came to us with their business proposition and needed a website to go with it. The client wanted something sleek laid out in a simple one-page site to provide all the relevent information and to sell their services.  The client also required a logo for their new business, which we were able to provide with our graphic designer.


One challenge we faced was in regards to the stucture of content. With a business like Script To Animation, content is key and especially the way it is laid out on a page. Their services needed to be easily explained all on a one-page site without there being too much text.

We overcame this challenge by including many visual elements/graphics to help balance out the volume of text. We also arranged content into steps/stages so the user can easily follow and understand the process.

Another challenge we faced was trying to come up with an effective way to display the services. Script To Animation has two main packages they sell but with various video length options, add-ons and unique buy links. Therefore, we had to find a way to display all this important information so that it wouldn’t overwhelm the user.

We overcame this challenge by choosing to put the packages in a pricing table and have various radio buttons that, once selected, would expand open the specific option the user was interested in, exposing more information and the option to order. Doing so this way eliminates unnecessary information on a page, and the user is able to focus in on what they are interested in.

Colours & Typography


Final Result

This is the completed Script To Animation website.

Graphics & Other Elements