Sage London Counselling is a new therapy practice based in London, England


The client was seeking a website and logo for her new therapy practice in London that also would include a booking system for different therapy services connected to a payment gateway.


The challenge was to design a website that, while advertising services for mental health, also had a light and friendly aesthetic.  As many therapy websites either are overly-cautious in design or employ of a lot of wellness clichés, we sought to find a middle ground where the site would provide all the information needed whilst also having a certain amount of spirit and playfulness.

Colours & Typography

Maven Pro
Qwitchen Grypen

Final Result

We were able to build a WordPress website that had a calm, inviting feel using calming colours and imagery.  We incorporated a booking system that also links the patient’s booking to Zoom, therefore giving them the Zoom link as soon as their appointment is approved.  The payment gateway is seamlessly integrated with Stripe.

Graphics & Other Elements