The client is a stand-up comedian based on New York's Long Island.


The client is a stand-up comedian based in New York who was seeking a simple landing page that would display his biographical information, contact information and upcoming shows.  The purpose of the site was to provide information for his fans, as well as for venues that would like to book him in for shows.


The client wanted to have a list of his shows that he could edit himself, which meant that using custom fields would be a necessity.  There was no need for a full website beyond getting his most important information on the web, so we worked together to figure out how to create a very simple, one page site.

Colours & Typography

Barlow Condensed
Pirata One

Final Result

Using our Landing Page Plus package, we were able to create an elegant one-page design that included custom fields for our client’s showtimes, so that he can update them himself on the WordPress dashboard.  We were able to include all of his vital social media links in the top right corner of the header, as well as his contact information in the body of the page itself.

We also created the client’s simple logo, using the Pirata One font.  As the client is a tattoo artist by day, we wanted to use a font that gave a nod to his main profession.

Graphics & Other Elements