Next Day Podcast is podcast editing service, based primarily between the USA and the UK.


This was a redesign and rebrand of a site previously built using the commercial website builder, Wix. The client had built the site himself, but found that the site needed a more streamlined and startup-type look, particularly on mobile screens, as well as different site capabilities. The cost of using a commercial website builder was also not cost-effective for the features the site required.


The client required a look for his website that was more streamlined, clean and mobile-responsive than the site he had built on Wix had been able to provide for him.  The idea was to create two websites, one UK and one US, that primarily differed in their pricing list currencies. The site required the build of a toggle that could be switched to easily show between pay-as-you-go and monthly pricing.  The site needed to be expandable, as the client felt that he would want to add features to it down the line.

Colours & Typography

Open Sans

Final Result

We built a bespoke theme based on the client’s preferences and also created the WordPress website’s graphic illustrations. It is designed to be one page with navigation links that take the user to different sections of the page. The site has a US and UK version, includes an appointment scheduler as well, a video embed as a chat function, and links through to a payment service.

The business has now been bought by new owners who rebranded the website. Therefore we’re unable to provide a live link of the site we built.

Graphics & Other Elements