The client is an international education specialist who provides academic support.


This is a Phase 1 build of a website that will have a Phase 2 addition of eCommerce and a booking system later this year.

The client is an international education specialist who provides academic support to students across the globe, particularly those entering academic systems outside of their native country. The client works with students who are primarily international and going between education systems of different countries.

We had previously worked with the client on a website advertising their services years prior. However the client now wanted a re-design as they had now rebranded and came to us with specific brand guidelines and design elements to bring together for a web experience that was appealing to parents as well as children.


One challenge we faced was creating a website that had the right balance of being a fun and whimsical design to implement the brand guidelines/image yet still being clean and informative as the site was targeted for the parents of the students.

Colours & Typography


Final Result

We were able to create website that brought together bright, fun colours but still was professional and informative.  There were several revisions along the way in trying to find the right balance but in the end, we got there.

The website also includes a blog, FAQ section, a shop front (which will be set up with eCommerce in the future), as well as a testimonials section.

We will update this section when the Phase 2 build has been completed.