2020 +


New York, USA

A family-owned home improvement business on New York's Long Island


This site was built for chain of New York-based home improvement stores that wanted to replace a previous website built on a commercial website builder.  The site features a virtual floor finder, an embedded Instagram feed, an embedded flooring catalogue and examples of products carried by the company with information related to selecting the right type of product for your home. The site displays inventories of discontinued items, as this is one of the business’s unique specialty areas. There is also an interior design blog, multiple photo galleries that suit each kind of product, and a pre-shopping questionnaire that allows for a potential customer to make contact with the store before visiting. The site also features an accordian-style frequently asked questions section. The theme is custom-designed by us, and we refreshed an older version of the logo, while creating a new logo designed for social media.


LIP’s previous site had been built on a commercial website builder and was becoming increasingly expensive month-to-month to have the most basic features.  The previous site also had photos that had been resized many times and were low quality.  We needed to create a new site that was visually appealing and easy-to-navigate.  According to Google Analytics, roughly 60% of LIP’s website users were age 45 +, so the goal was to create a site that still catered to users that were older, but also appealed to a younger audience – as, at this stage of time, were the people who were buying and remodeling homes.

In addition, LIP needed to create a branding and social media strategy to again, attract a younger customer base.

Colours & Typography

Playfair Display

Final Result

The first phase of this website was completed in 2020, however, we continue to work with LIP in expanding the website (in 2021, we integrated a catalogue and created a careers page), graphic design, print advertisements and social media.  We were able to also successfully promote LIP when they were nominated for “Best of Long Island 2021” as a flooring specialist, a contest which they won.


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