The client is a dietitian based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


This was a full redesign and build of a website for a registered dietitian in Canada who creates free online content in addition to her paid nutritional consulting services.  Her previous site had been built using a commercial website builder which didn’t afford her the level of customisation and aesthetic which she desired.  The goal of the new site design was to reorganise the large amount of content she provides and display it in a way that made finding specific information user-friendly for users of all audience types.


The site needed to be accessible to a wide-range of users, especially those with varying degrees of digital proficiency.  In addition, the website required an easy-to-follow organisation so that visitors could easily find the information they were looking for.

Colours & Typography


Final Result

We redesigned the website to have a fresh, clean look which represents the client’s brand/business, in the health industry. We incorporated colour in to the design but sparingly.  We mainly focused on using a white base with a wide selection of colourful images to brighten up the site.  We wanted to make the content as clear and crisp as possible in order to appeal to wide array of audiences.

The WordPress website includes a blog and contact form as well. Finally, we recoloured the client’s original logo to fit with the new brand image.


Since the original website creation in 2020, the client has returned to to us multiple times for additional work. Firstly we updated the website with a new colour scheme. The original colours were brighter but these were adjusted to more earthy tones. We have also since added an additional page to the website, a popup and a newsletter sign up.

Graphics & Other Elements