The client is a roofing and gutters company based in and around Houston, Texas, USA.


CSG is a client that we have worked with previously, in the concrete section of their business.  They came to us looking to have a separate website for their roofing and gutters branch that would match the theme and feel of their concrete site (completed in 2021) but would be smaller than the original.  They would also require a logo of the same nature that would reflect this branch only.


Since the theme and branding had been set previously, our task became finding a way to lay out a smaller amount of information that still had the look and feel of the original concrete site.

We also brought in our graphic designer to create a new logo that reflected the different branch of the business, with more information.

Colours & Typography

Open Sans

Final Result

We were able to deliver a website and logo that the client was looking for with a few stuctural changes that set this project aside from the company’s concrete website.

The site includes all the relevant information including a photo gallery of the work the company has done to serve as a portfolio.