Casa Barbosa are direct importers and distributors of single origin coffee, exclusively from Colombia.


This was a website build done for a Colombian coffee importing business based in London. The owner of Casa Barbosa sought a website that would allow potential retailers to find the Colombian coffee she was importing, whilst also celebrating the unique flavour and harvesting of Colombian coffee. A graphic designer provided a hand in the front page design as well as colour and typeface; the rest was completed and designed by us.


To create a vibrant website that clearly explains the nature of the business, whilst also providing information about the harvesting of the coffee beans and ordering information.

Colours & Typography


Final Result

We were able to create a website that showed a catalogue of the client’s products, while also showcasing information about the coffee itself in the scope of Columbia.  We were able to successfully use the graphic design mockup of the main pages to create the remaining pages and give the site a cohesive look and feel.