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Our Most Budget Website Option!

We realise that sometimes you don’t need more than a quick one-page website to do the job, especially if you’re just starting out on a new venture.  Oftentimes, people just want to have their parking space on the web – a place where you can have your or your business’s name and contact information out there for people and search engines to find.

We offer two landing page options for businesses like yours – our barebones Landing Page – Regular and then our next level up Landing Page – Plus; the latter which includes a bunch of helpful extras, such as the ability to display services or upcoming events, a contact form and scalability – just to name a few!

Have a read below to see which Landing Page option is best for you and your business!

Landing Page – Regular

Starts at £285

Our Landing Page – Regular is our most budget website offering. This package is aimed towards small businesses who need to have a webpage and a domain, but don’t intend to frequently update their site information.

More than anything, it serves to inform any visitors that this business or figure exists, and provides the best way to directly contact them.

This kind of page, which is built using WordPress, can include your logo (if you have one), social media links, contact options (phone, email, etc) as well as a small overview of your services and who you are (see example).

This package includes an installation of SEO plugin RankMath, which provides helpful guidance for improving your website’s visibility in search engines.

The Landing Page – Regular is not for clients who believe they will need this website to grow in the future.  The way we build this particular page is not scalable, making the tradeoff a much lower price for you.

Think you need a little more? Read below to find out about our Landing Page – Plus.


Landing Page – Regular

Web Design Long Island

Landing Page – Plus (Rob White Comedy)

Landing Page Plus

Starts at £395

Our Landing Page – Plus package is a great start for the business that doesn’t know for sure what it needs from a website yet, but wants to have the ability to scale and grow it in the future, with a budget option.  This business may not have a lot of capital for for a major website project, but still wants something eye-catching and editable on the web to make their mark.

The Landing Page Plus includes all of the perks of the Landing Page-Regular and in addition, this package gives you access to our training site, which means that going into the dashboard of your website and updating your information is a breeze on the client side!

Need a little bit more than a landing page can provide?

If so, our Basic Website Package may be right for you!