What’s our Basic Website Package?

Our Basic Website Package is Star Mountain’s budget option which we have designed specifically for those who are cost-conscious, but require an attractive online presence for their business. We understand that websites can be costly and if the budget your business has for a website is small, you might think that getting a product that is fast, efficient and affordable is out of your reach. But it’s not!

Keeping this in mind, we created the Basic package which delivers a solid WordPress website to our clients quickly and doesn’t break the bank. It’s no slap-dash type of job either; the Basic website is completely responsive across multiple screen sizes and browsers, SEO-ready and user-friendly. In addition, it’s completely scalable – so if you would like to expand your website further down the line, we can build upon the existing site.

Basic Website - Man With Guitar Looking at Website Options

Basic Website Package - Examples of Layouts

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Unlike our other site packages, the Basic websites are pre-designed layouts. You will have two different layouts to choose from, the differences are explained here.

Our pre-designed layouts determine how the content is laid out on the pages. This is how we deliver these sites affordably and quickly to you.

It’s not all restrictions though! We will work with you on the colours and typefaces of your site to make sure you have the aesthetic you’re looking for in order to make it your own.

Not only that – because we design all of our websites on WordPress – and the Basic website is no exception – we will give you access to our resources and training site, so you can easily keep your website’s written and image content updated by you, or someone in your organisation, following the build.

How it works

Pick a layout
Choose from either a traditional page style or a parallax one-page style.

Collaborate with us
Choose colours and typefaces to tie in your aesthetic for your website.

We’ll do the hard work!
Provide us with your website content and we’ll get working on it! We aim to deliver our Basic websites within 2 weeks of receiving your content.

Pre-designed layouts

Our Basic Website package has a layout option of “traditional” or “parallax-style.” See examples below.

Not what you’re looking for? Not to worry, we can make a custom package to suit your needs, or you can check out all our existing packages here.


6-page website.

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Basic Website Package - Hair Website Example


 6 sections on a one page website.

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Basic Website Package - Hair Website Example

Basic site package - £800$1060

Includes the following:

  • – Basic theme design
  • – 6 Pages/Sections
  • – Style Tile
  • – Mobile Optimisation (not including IE, Opera)
  • – Basic Contact Form
  • – Social Media Cards + Meta setup
  • – Basic SEO setup
  • Full list here

Is this package perfect for you?

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