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From Main Street to Madison Avenue

We create engaging online presences for businesses just like yours

Our business model is designed with you in mind.

You’re a small or medium-sized business. An organization. A blogger. Someone who needs an online presence, whatever the reason may be.

Having a full-time web designer on staff is not part of your budget.

We can help!

We offer affordable bespoke web design. We’ll build your website on WordPress, the industry’s leading platform for web design.  We’ll create and build the website you need from the ground, up.  And once our end is complete, we can teach you how to maintain the text and visual content of your site long after the build has completed.

We understand the need for a website that is captivating, yet user-friendly for your growing business. We prioritize user experience, search engine optimization (SEO) and user testing – using real people to test the functionality of every site that we build.

If this sounds like a solution for your business’s website needs, please contact us or email us directly. If you’d prefer to make an appointment with us, our physical office is located in the heart of London, at 160 Fleet Street.

star mountain, designs for web

Our Team

Lauren Sternberg

Lauren Sternberg

Lauren is the founder of Star Mountain, Design for Web. She hails from Long Island, NY and is currently based between London, UK and New York City. She completed a Master’s Degree in Web Design at the University of Greenwich in 2016. Prior to web design, she was a New York City Public Schools teacher for 10 years and also holds a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, both from New York University. Her interest in web design began during her time as a teacher, when she would build websites for her classes. To learn more about Lauren and to see her portfolio, go here.

Aisha El-Tahlawi

Aisha El-Tahlawi

Aisha is a full-time developer and designer at Star Mountain, Design For Web in London, UK. She completed her Master’s Degree in Web Design at the University of Greenwich in 2016. Aisha also received her Bachelor’s in Business Information Technology from the University of Greenwich. A London native,  Aisha has always been passionate about all things Web-related ever since she was a kid. One of her favorite projects can be seen here: Indie 411.

Janeen Megloranzo

Janeen Megloranzo

Janeen works part-time for Star Mountain, Design For Web in New York, assisting with WordPress tasks and New York City-area based maintenance trainings. A native of New Jersey, Janeen received her Bachelor of Science degree in Culture and Communication Studies with a Concentration in Mass Media from New York University. Her resume includes a 13-year career in live sports television where she was a production assistant and programming manager at MSG Networks and is currently a library assistant at the International Center of Photography in New York. Janeen also is the NYC contributor and co-manager of TheCountryNote.com.